Mortgage loan fraud

First Feature Description Real Estate Law Center PC helps homeowners fight predatory mortgage lending practices by filing lawsuits on their behalf, either in Federal or State.

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Real Estate Bankruptcy

When a homeowner falls desperately behind on mortgage payments, fortunately, there are many options. One possibility is to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in a federal bankruptcy court that relieves the debtor of some or all of their debts. In the right situation bankruptcy may be a good option, and can provide a fresh financial start.

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Mass Tort Litigation

An effective way to combat predatory mortgage lending is Mass Tort litigation. Mass Tort Litigation involves joining others homeowners who have been wrongfully effected by big banks or by their lenders. Since this is a single action, each homeowner can get individual relief.

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Senior Litigation Attorney, Real Estate Law Center PC Chad Pratt focuses on predatory mortgage lending and mortgage loan fraud. He has a wide range of experience helping homeowners, successfully completing thousands of trials. meditations, arbitrations, depositions and unlawful detainer trials since 1991.

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